Million Dollar Theater
Los Angeles CA

September 25, 2010

2010 was a big year for ROCKY HORROR. "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW" celebrated the 35th Anniversary of it's original release.
20th Century Fox scheduled the film for release on Blu-ray format on October 19, 2010.
To mark this important occasion SINS O' THE FLESH organized, and presented Seven Deadly Sins - The 35th Anniversary ROCKY HORROR Convention.
SINSCON 2010 was held in Downtown Los Angeles on September 23-25, 2010.
And it was one of the hottest weekends on record in the history of Los Angeles.
Triple-digit temperatures and a scorching sun. Perfect weather for attending Rocky Horror.

SINSCON 2010 will no doubt be remembered as one of the greatest ROCKY HORROR events of all time.
430 rabid ROCKY HORROR fans came from all over North America, France and Ireland to attend.
SINSCON 2010 was almost 2 years in the development and production stages.
Publicity and marketing was handled by Green Galactic PR.
I bought tickets as soon as the dates were finalized, because I knew this was gonna be good!
For me, this was a big deal. I hadn't been to a Rocky Horror Con since the Pantages 15 years earlier.

Produced by Bernie Bregman. Directed by Elizabeth Stockton. Promotions by Sean Weller.
The entire SINSCON Event Staff worked as hard as any production company that I've ever seen.
They made it work. I hope to mention each and every one of them here. Sponsors included the Los Angeles Conservancy.
Two weeks prior to the event, I took a special trip Downtown and made the effort to re-familiarize myself with the area.
I checked out the venues, looked around for parking lots, their rates, and their proximity to the event locations.

On Thursday September 23, 2010, the Unconventional Conventionists gathered at The Standard Downtown for an evening of registration, pre-Con maddness,
schmoozing, parties, orgies, scandal, and a screening of "Clue".
I arrived at Pershing Square and met up with Xach Fromson and Sins Nugget.
We walked up to the Standard where the fun began. And I met some of the coolest people in the whole wide world.
This part of the event was held in a small room, and it reminded me of the the old R.I.P. Conventions of my youth. I really enjoyed it.
I met with Sal Piro for the first time since 2007. I showed Sal my original Official RHPS Fan Club Membership Card. He asked me what the number on it was.
When I told him it was #28751, he told me that after the first batch of cards ran out, all subsequent cards were all numbered "4711".
Therefore mine was a genuine 1990 original. I also met David Shetterly, webmaster for, the Official ROCKY HORROR website.
He told me that Fan Club Membership Cards can be downloaded from here.

The Standard Downtown
Los Angeles CA
September 23, 2010

The second day of SINSCON took place Friday September 24, 2010.
It was held at Club 740 and the day was devoted to "SHOCK TREATMENT".
I parked at Pershing Square and noticed that my car was leaking profousely.
My water pump had blown. During one of the hottest days of the year. would happen at a time like this. I was getting "a little bit of...oooh...Shock Treament!"
Fortunately, Richard, Julie, and Steve were there to give me hand.

Club 740 was located in the Globe Theater was the perfect place for this day of the Con.
The venue had an air of class and dignity, and the vision that SINS O' THE FLESH had for it simply came alive.
TV monitors were everywhere, just like in "SHOCK TREATMENT".
Jessica Harper and Cliff DeYoung were the Guests Of Honor. It was their first appearance at a "SHOCK TREATMENT" event.
They were both astounded by the turnout and the devotion of the crowd.
I got to sit with in the Green Room with Cliff prior to Jessica's arrival. He asked me, "How long have people been dressing up in costumes?"
I told him the truth, "Some people started dressing up weeks before the film was even released." He was impressed.
Jessica and Cliff signed my original "SHOCK TREATMENT" vinyl LP.
Their Q& A session was moderated by Jesse Merlin, my All-Time Favorite Crim.

Globe Theater
Los Angeles CA
September 24, 2010

However, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to attend the "SHOCK TREATMENT" performance.
I was suffering from heat exhaustion. I decided to pass on "SHOCK TREATMENT" at the last minute in the interest of self-preservation.
I got some rest, and Julie, Richard, and I attended the "Rocky Prom" held in the Palm Court of the Alexandria Hotel.
I remember shoooting an episode of "Ally McBeal" years earlier. It was hot in the room, so we left after about an hour.
I changed, walked back to Pershing Square, and started the dangerous and potentially destructive drive home.
I made it home just as the temperature guage was just going over the center line. I was very lucky.
"You're Lucky! He's Lucky! I'm Lucky! We're All Lucky! HA-HA-HA-HA!"

The third day of the event, Saturday September 25, 2010, took place at the historic Million Dollar Theater.
And for me, this was the day that really kicked out the jams.
The day started early for me. Since I had a broken water pump, I had to take the train to the venue.
I got there just Rick Sloane was loading in his gear.
He brought the giant "Trixie" head that hung in front of the Roxy back in 1974.
SINSCON had a genuine piece of ROCKY HORROR history sitting in the lobby.
"Trixie" commanded respect when people looked at her, and it added an air of professionalism to the event.
Rick also brought the original "Trixie" dress from the Roxy with him.
Elizabeth Pacela showed up! We hadn't seen each other since 1981! R.I.P. Productions reunion!

Million Dollar Theater
Los Angeles CA

September 25, 2010

Million Dollar Theater
Los Angeles CA
September 25, 2010

Sal had merch that I had been looking for for years. I was thrilled with what I was able to walk away with.
Other vendors included Dark Refrain - Bruce Cutter, Castle Corsetry - Lauren Matesic, 4711 - Larry Viezel,
My Favorite Obsession - Lizabeth Stockton, Ahz Unlimited - Ahzriel Adams, Wicked Pictures, and Traditional Ink.
Jamie Donnely showed up, too! She was working with Cool Waters Productions.
It was great to finally meet Jamie! I bought an original "Trixie" button from the Roxy button from her.
It had been one of the prizes of my collection back in 1980, but someone stole it!
I felt that I was lucky enough to get one back for my collection, and that I got it from Jamie.
More props and equpiment kept rolling during the day.
I never thought that I would ever see a Transylvanian Control Panel rolling down Broadway in the back of a truck.

Million Dollar Theater
Los Angeles CA

September 25, 2010

Lou Adler was gracious enough to attend the event.
In order to make it easier for his driver to find the location of the theater, I stood out on the corner of 3rd Street & Broadway with my Roxy cast soundtrack.
Sure enough, a fancy black sedan was driving up 3rd Street, and I could see Lou in the passenger seat.
He saw me holding the album cover and he motioned for his driver to pull over in my direction.
The driver rolled up to the theater, and I greeted Lou as he got out of the car.
His wife, Page Hannah was with him and she was very enthusiastic about the event.
Lou was very cool, and once he was inside, I got the feeling that he was impressed with what he was seeing.
I told him that the music from ROCKY HORROR had changed my life.
He was kind enough to sign my film & Roxy album covers.
After a few minutes, Lou & Sal hit the stage for their Q&A.
Lou announced the "RHPS Tribute and Costume Ball" to be held on October 28, 2010 at The Wiltern Theater.

Million Dollar Theater
Los Angeles CA
September 25, 2010

Another surprise was the news that John Goldstone, the associate producer of the film was to take part in the Q&A.
We greeted him at the front of the theater just as Lou & Page were leaving.
Page wanted the "Trixie" dress, and the next thing I knew, she was wearing it when she left the theater.

As the day started getting late, everyone was waiting for Barry to arrive.I knew that he was not going to park in front of the theater.
When an actor arrives at the studio or location, the first thing they usually look for is the signs directing them to the base camp or the parking area.
Production had said that's where Barry was headed to. I figured that no one was covering the parking lot, so I grabbed my film soundtrack album,
and once again went out to 3rd St. & Broadway and stood in front of the entrance to the parking lot.
I must have looked like a "Will Rocky For Food" transient to anyone driving by.
The sun and heat were brutal. It was burning me to a crisp. But I stood there and waited.

After about 20 minutes, I saw a large SUV rolling my way, and there was no mistaking that Barry was driving.
He waved to to me, and turned into the lot. I greeted him and got his parking situated.
I told him that we had met before both at the Tiffany and at CBS Radford studios.
I also thanked him personally for the all the kindness and thoughtfullness he has shown to ROCKY HORROR fans over the years.
He said, "Well...I really do appreciate what all of you folks do."
He handed me a costume bag and said, "Let's go!" I asked him if wanted to cross at the light, and he said, "No! Let's be bold!"
We crossed in the middle of the street and made a B-line for the side entrance of the theater.
Once inside, Sal saw him and came toward us. Jesse soon followed and we led Barry to the backstage area.
The event Staff got him settled in, and after a drink or two, Barry & John hit the stage for the Q&A.
After the Q&A, Barry signed autographs for every person that wanted one.
I asked him how long before they started shooting the film did they record the soundtrack.
He told me it was a week before and it only took a few days to record it.
After the autograph session, everyone went to lunch.

The line started to gather for the 35th Anniversary Screening of "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW".
I was thrilled to see that Lisa, Dawn, Brett & Michael from the Tiffany were there.
The show began at 10 PM, and by now there were 1000 people in attandance!
There were some great opening acts and video, including a wonderful tribute to Barry.

Then the Main Event of SINSCON took place.
Barry took the stage dressed as Brad Majors and the crowd went nuts for him. He did not disappoint.
No one could have ever expected this...

The show let out of the theater on the 35th Anniverary of the films release.
And of course EROTIC NIGHTMARES were there, too.

Million Dollar Theater
Los Angeles CA
September 25, 2010
Photos by Lauren Everett

Million Dollar Theater
Los Angeles CA
September 25, 2010

And at the end of the evening, the Tiffany Theater Alumni that were able to attend gathered for a group shot.
A fetus asked us, "Are you Virgins"?

Million Dollar Theater
Los Angeles CA

September 25, 2010

With all of the wonderful things that had happened over the last 3 days, I was now feeling the full effects of the "Con Flu".
I was exhausted and burned to a crisp. And I stiIl had a water pump to replace. It was time to leave the party.
I caught a ride home with Lisa, Brett and Dawn. I asked myself "Was worth it ?" The only answer I had was "YES!".
Despite whatever downturns I had that day, SINSCON was worth every effort. I had the time of my life!

In late October 2010, several ROCKY HORROR events took place.
On October 20, 2010, "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW" was released on Blu-ray.
And it had the mono mix!
I didn't own a Blu-ray player, but I had to have it for my collection. I'm proud to say that I have the film in First Editions of the VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray formats.
One of the best parts is when Barry Bostwick is being interviewed for "Don't Dream It, Be It: The Search for the 35th Anniversary Shadowcast: Part I".
Barry mentions the first time he saw ROCKY HORROR as an audience participation event was at the Tiffany Theater.

On October 26, 2010, 3 tracks, "Hot Patootie", "The Time Warp", and "Sweet Transvestite" made their way to The Rocky Horror Picture Show Track Pack" .
That same evening, "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" was broadcast on FOX. I did like the way the first two songs were presented, but that was about it.
By the time the actors were into their third page of dialogue, it did nothing other than insult my intelligence.
I couldn't watch any more of it. It was garbage. But it was cool to see Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf in it, though.

Hollywood CA
October 26, 2010
Photo by Lauren Everett

During the episode, Lauren Everett stopped by to photograph me for her book "People Like Us: The Cult of The Rocky Horror Picture Show".
In the photograph that Lauren took, "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" was playing on the TV behind me.
I eventually turned the volume down after John Stamos sang "Hot Patootie".
Being photgraphed by Lauren was a wonderful experience.

On October 28, 2010 I attended the "RHPS Tribute And Costume Ball" at The Wiltern Theater.
The event was a benefit for the The Painted Turtle, a camp for children who are terminally or chronically ill.
The Painted Turtle was founded in 1999 by Paul Newman and Page Hannah.
I had bought a ticket for the event and dressed in my Transylvanian finery the day of the show.
Watching Jack Nicholson playing Crim while he was smoking a cigarette was great!
It was obvious to everyone that the sound engineer had clue as to what he was doing.

RHPS Tribute And Costume Ball
Wiltern Theater
Los Angeles CA
October 28, 2010

After the show, I was heading for the theater exit when I saw the stage door open.
And I got the sense that walking through the door would take me to a place that was I supposed to be.
Security thought that I was part of the show, so I took a deep breath, said "Fuck it!", and I walked through the door.
I walked down a set of spiral stairs and I saw Danny Devito and Barry Bostwick.
The next face I recognized was a beaming Jesse Merlin. As I came down the stairs he said, "I'm glad you're here."
A crowd of people were gathered around someone. In the middle of the crowd was...Tim Curry.
I made my way through the crowd. Tim saw me, smiled, stuck out his hand, and said, "Hi! I haven't seen you in a long time! How are you? Good to see you!"
I told him it was good to see him, too. I smiled, bowed my head respectfully and stepped away as the crowd began to move towards the assembled paparazzi.
I saw Jamie Donnely, and she introduced me to Abigail Haness, the original Janet from the Roxy and Broadway shows.
I told Abigail how much I enjoy listening to her singing. I got to meet Robert Davi. I told him that he played one of my favorite 007 villians.
Needless to say, I had a great night! And there was still more to come !

On October 31, 2010, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary" was the theme of the "23rd Annual West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval".
Sal Piro was the host for the event organized by 20th Century-Fox and the City of West Hollywood.
Over 150,000 people showed up. This was the largest ROCKY HORROR-themed event that I have attended so far.
Richard and I had volunteeered to help sign up people to take part in the "The World's Largest Time Warp".
We parked across from the Roxy, did our makeup in the parking lot, then headed down to join the huge crowd on Santa Monica Blvd.

Our job was simple: get as many people as possible to sign a petition pledging to participate in "The Time Warp".
After you signed the petiton, you got a wristband that indicated that you were participating.
Richard and I separated to work the crowd from different positons. I went towards the front of the stage and, of course, wound up in the pit.
People saw what I was up to and they started coming towards me in a rush. Within a few moments, I was mobbed. I couldn't move.
At that point, I knew what Tim Curry must have felt like at The Wiltern a few days before.
In the middle of all this maddness, I saw Bill Ung from MIDNIGHT INSANITY coming to my rescue.
First, he got the people back so that I could move, and then he grabbed a bunch of wristbands and started handing them out to people.
He told everyone, "Please make sure that you sign the list!" Everyone did. Between Bill, Richard, and I, we signed up hundreds of people.

After about two hours, I was done. I still had another gig on the Sunset Strip later that night.
I didn't want to burn myself out or make a mess out of my costume just yet, and I wanted to watch and enjoy the show.
I turned in my petition to a young production assistant. She tried to hand me another petition and more wristbands.
When I politely declined, she became rather indignant, saying, " HAVE to do more!" I guess she thought that she was my boss.
I just smiled at her and said, "I don't have to do ANYTHING. Now...get back work." The exasperated look on her face was priceless.
As I started moving back towards the pit, I saw Richard with a fresh handfull of petitons and wristbands.
He was determined to get as many people as he could to sign up. Just like the time I first met him in 1979.

The Floorshow cast for the event was NORTH DENTON ARISTOCRATS, the group from the Wiltern performance and the Blu-ray.
They were assisted SINS O' THE FLESH and several other ROCKY HORROR Legends and Alumni.
PRINCE POPPYCOCK was the headlining act with VOIDCRUSH as the support band.
Sal Piro took the stage and led 8239 people as they danced "The Time Warp" for five consecutive minutes to set a new Guinness World Record.

After the show was over I started walking up San Vicente towards Sunset.
Richard was headed out to Kitten DeVille's party, and I headed to my next gig of the evening at The Rainbow Bar & Grill.
Located right next door to the Roxy, The Rainbow is the world famous rock 'n' roll watering hole.
Miss Kimmy's Rock 'N' Roll Karaoke was happening at Over The Rainbow, the exclusive upstairs bar, every Sunday night.
There were only a handful of people upstairs there when I walked in. I handed my music to Erik Valentine, the DJ, and we really got the ball rolling!
By the time I was halfway through "Science Fiction, Double Feature", I saw that a crowd had already started to gather.

Among them were a group of women and a pretty young lady named Layla.
After the first song, I announced that we were doing "Rocky Horror Karaoke".
I reminded everyone that the Roxy next door was ROCKY HORROR's first US home.
I then asked if there were anyone that could sing Janet's parts of the next song, and Layla said that she did.
I welcomed her to the stage, and we started singing "Dammit Janet".
And Layla was great! She knew all the "Janet" parts, words, timing...everything.
The crowd liked our duet, and we moved on to "Over At The Frankenstein Place".
That was even more fun! We harmonized wonderfully, and she even knew when to stop when I sang Brad's verse.

I ended my first set by leading "The TIme Warp", and then other people got up to sing.
The ladies came up to the bar to speak with me, and I met Patti Johnsen and Julia Nine.
They both used to work at The Rainbow "back in the day", and Layla is Patti's daughter.
Patti told me that Layla was really loved ROCKY HORROR, and that her interest was growing due to the "Glee".
Julia told me that she also had attended Tim Curry's reading at Chateau Marmont in 1991.
We had a nice time together, and talked until it was time for me to do my next set.
By now, I could see the place had filled up quite a bit.

I sang "Sweet Transvestite" and "Sword of Damocles", and the crowd loved it!
The look that I got from Lemmy from MOTÖRHEAD made my night!
By this time, the house had filled up and people were eager to get on the stage and strut their stuff!
We blew the roof off the Rainbow that night! "Rocky Horror Karaoke" was a huge sucess.
And then it was over and everybody went home.

I had come full circle. It was singing karaoke that renewed my interest in ROCKY HORROR.
And I can honestly say that I had some of the most fun I've ever had.

It was a great year for ROCKY HORROR! And it was a great year for me, too!

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