April 1982. I wanted to get as far away as I could from ROCKY HORROR. I didn't care if I ever saw it again.
But fate, it seemed, had decided that ROCKY HORROR was going to follow me wherever I went.
I hopped on a Greyhound bus went to New Jersey for 4 months.
It didn't take me long to realize that I should have never left Hollywood.
I was different person now. It seemed that that the only thing that had changed was me.
For all of the experiences that I had dealt with in California, I realized that they made me a better person.
But since I was now in NJ, I decided to make the best of it. I got a job at Denny's on Route 35 in Eatontown, New Jersey.
It was right down the street from where I first saw Original Roxy Cast LP of "THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW" eight years earlier.

On Saturday & Sunday mornings, the cast from the GCC Shrewsbury 3 would come into Denny's after their show.
I can't remember if they had a name or not, but they were pretty cool. I thought that it was wonderful that

ROCKY HORROR was playing in Shrewsbury. It made me feel as if I was way ahead of things in some respects.
I was adored by the cast once they found out about my experience with ROCKY HORROR, and I was very surprised that
they had heard of the Tiffany. They invited me to their show. And I showed them how it was done.
("Finally...someone who can do "The Time Warp" right!") They asked me to join their cast. I declined.
They were all really nice, but they were all younger than me by a few years, and some were still in high school.
I was an adult now, I just didn't want to get wrapped up in ROCKY HORROR with a group of teenagers.
I decided back then that I don't ever want to be "that creepy old man who hangs around the theater".
And besides, ROCKY HORROR was "been there, done that" for me.
I also knew that NJ was not Hollywood.
ButI it didn't take long for me to get over my previous misery, and I was
once again proud to be a ROCKY HORROR fan.

Chelsie Kraemer from THE DENTON AFFAIR was in NYC, and we made the pilgrimage to the 8th Street Playhouse.
Sal Piro was a gracious and wonderful host. It was great experience going to the 8th Street.
We got to see Darren Kimmel, the first credited Crim in the ROCKY HORROR community perform that night.

And then I learned that Nora was living in NYC. I would go visit her from time to time. We had fun together.
She was one of the most wonderful people that I have ever known. I will always have a special place in my heart for her.
But I knew that NJ was not for me. In a lot of ways, I felt that I was "on the outside" more than ever before.
I was in the same situation that caused me to leave NJ in the first place 4 years earlier.
No matter what I did, there would always be someone there wanting to slap me around and treat me like shit.
I didn't want to live in NYC, and I really missed Hollywood.

In late August 1982, I saw "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW" in Shrewsbury NJ one last time.
The next day, I got on a Greyhound bus and headed to California. I knew that it was where I belonged and it was where I wanted to be.
I stayed with Kurt. We lived at 1613 Oxley Street in South Pasadena, a half block away from the Rialto Theatre.
I honestly don't believe that ROCKY HORROR was playing there at that particular time.
It would have been great to just walk across the street to see Rocky, but we never saw anyone there.
Perhaps it was between casts or only playing monthly. Either way, we went back to the Tiffany.

From the collection of Lisa Kurtz Sutton

When I got back to the Tiffany, I found that the entire scene was very much on the wane.
Richard was working there as a projectionist, and Brandi was now the assistant manager.
"SHOCK TREATMENT" was now playing there every Thursday at Midnight and on Fridays at 2 AM.
Richard & Brandi had formed one of the first-ever "SHOCK TREATMENT" casts.
Richard played Cosmo, and Brandi played Janet until the Tiffany film dropped the film in September 1982.

A few of the true hardcore like Jill, Michele, Christine, and Jim were still attending, and it was great to see them.
People from the other SoCal Rocky casts were performing regularly at the Tiffany.
I was glad to be back and that I had missed all of the drama that had taken place when I had left in April.
Even Garrett came back for three weeks before finally throwing in the towel in June.
But It seemed to me that the true die-hard fans were just going through the motions out of love for ROCKY HORROR.


Tiffany Theater
West Hollywood CA

From the collection of Sal Piro

In August 1982, Steve Cartoon had been hired to change the Tiffany marquee signs twice a week for five bucks a go.
He missed an event and he got canned for it. When he arrived for the next show, he was told that he was banned from the theater.
Steve got really pissed...so he waited until after the crowd went inside, and then he re-arranged the marquee letters out in front of the theater.
The marquee had originally read "Neighbors...Starring John Belushi".
But by the time Steve was finished re-arranging the letters, it read "Nigors...Starring John Bushi".
Steve then stuffed the remaining marquee letters into a mail slot of the adjoining office building.
It caused a tremendous, embarrassing stink. People simply driving past the theater were actually outraged and complained about it.
The management of the adjoining office building refused to return the marquee letters to the theater.
Steve was permanently banned from the Tiffany.
He started going to the UA Cinema Center in Westwood, where the film was playing to much smaller crowds.

Steve wound up squatting in an abandoned apartment building in Westwood where one day he came upon a dead body.
The corpse was so decomposed that no one could tell if it was a man or a woman.
That was enough for him. He quickly moved back to Hollywood.

I was playing a lot of guitar. I took guitar lessons from Steve Vai.
I was looking through The Recycler for a good guitar teacher, and I saw that Steve had worked with Frank Zappa.
I wouuld take the bus from Hollywood all the way to Sylmar where he had his studio.
The ride on the bus was 2 hours each way, but it was worth it. Steve really improved my playing.
My guitar was feeling good every time that I picked it up. I practiced constantly.
I soon found out that Steve had an interest in ROCKY HORROR, too.
He had a cassette tape that he had labeled "At The Rocky Horror".
When I asked him about it, he told me that he would go and interview people waiting in line at the Tiffany.

1983 was the worst year for ROCKY HORROR in Hollywood. Audience tastes and attitiudes were changing once again.
The energy, optimism, and enthusiasm of the early days was long gone. Everything seemed old and stale.
The scene was dead. And it seemed that all that was left was a lonely, barren landscape of smog, asphalt, and steel.
By this time, some of us couldn't stand being around each other anymore. Tensions started building between a lot of people.
The stench of "Rocky Horror Politics" managed to stink the place up again during that year.
Other people had entered our world, and they were not very nice people.
They seemed to have some sort of twisted agenda, and they struck me as manipulative, sneaky, and two-faced.
What really sucked was that they didn't seem to like ROCKY HORROR as much as they enjoyed causing trouble.

By now, theaters were dropping "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW" all across the country.
It was hard to believe that it had been playing in over 200 theaters across the USA only two years earlier.
The commercial failure of "SHOCK TREATMENT" didn't help matters, either.
The market had become so oversaturated that ROCKY HORROR was not considered special or unique anymore.
I soon heard that it had stopped playing at our original home, the UA Cinema 4 Tyler Mall in Riverside.
I knew that it would just be a matter of time before the Tiffany would soon follow suit.
We could see the handwriting on the wall. ROCKY HORROR was "on it's way out".

March 5, 1983
From the collection of Lisa Kurtz Sutton

On March 13, 1983, the Tiffany showed "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW" for the last time.
It had been more than four years since I first saw the film. It was like I had graduated from Transylvania University.
I went to the last show dressed in my Criminologist outfit, and did The Time Warp one last time.
Jim Cochrane and Chelsie Kraemer from THE DENTON AFFAIR performed as Brad and Janet.
Michael Danke played Frank, Richard was Riff-Raff, Brandi was Magenta, and Shani Moore was Columbia.
Anyone who was "anyone" in the SoCal ROCKY HORROR community showed up that night.
Even Steve Cartoon was allowed back into the theater for the last show.

Vid from EROTIC NIGHTMARES had come to see the show that night, and Brandi decided to play "Rocky Horror Politics".
She told the manager he was trouble and that she did not want him in the theater.
Then she sent one of the Tiffany employees to rough him up a bit. That was a big mistake.
Vid had been drinking a bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, and he was in no mood for any bullshit.
And it was bullshit. So, Vid tossed his empty bottle through the marquee window of the theater.
The cops turned up and took him to jail. He spent the weekend there, but he eventually beat the rap.

Tiffany Theater
West Hollywood CA
March 13, 1983
From the collection of Chelsie Kraemer

The autographed "He's The Hero...That's Right!...The Hero!" poster in the lobby was auctioned off to Alan Hiero for $600.
My most vivid memory of that moment was the booing and the hissing.
The whole night was a bit off a downer even though the theater was SOLD OUT.
It was the last time I ever set foot in The Tiffany. It was The End Of An Era, one that people still talk about.
We all gathered at Richard & Brandi's Castle for a farewell party. It was truly depressing.

Tiffany Theater
West Hollywood CA
March 13, 1983
From the collection of Shani Moore

"THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW" was the last film ever shown at the Tiffany, and the theater would never re-open as a cinema ever again.
For almost 20 years, there were attempts to re-model the Tiffany and make it a
viable part of the creative community.
The theater remained empty until 1985 when Paula Holt re-opened it as a legitimate theatre and home to the Actors Studio.
The exterior of the theater and every other building next to it were covered in ugly gray stucco. It was ghastly.
"THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW" played there for a while in 1999.
But then another real estate company got involved and it turned into a financial disaster.
It was closed for good in 2004 and soon fell into neglect and disrepair.
Over the years, the entire Southwest corner of the block became an ugly abandoned eyesore.
But the Tiffany Theater truly died that night after "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW" ended and we all went home.

Meanwhile across town, "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW" started playing at at The Vista.
The Vista knew that the Tiffany was closing and the were hoping to be the new "Big Theater".

Parking was a hassle, and the theater had way too many rules...no rice, no toast, no nothing, etc.
As many of us predicted, it was unable able to bring in any crowds. It closed after two weeks.
ROCKY HORROR in Hollywood was over. Again.
It would be almost three years before I saw

I wound up in Studio City for five weeks. It taught me once and for all that I could never live in the Valley.
What started out with good intentions turned out to be one the biggest mistakes of my life.
I consider this period of my life to include some of my most colossal screw ups. And I blame no one but myself.
I lost most of my Rocky collection except for my vinyl. And once again, I wound up hurting a friend.
It didn't take long for me to put an end to my air of sanctimonious self-righteousness.

Then in May 1983 there was even more drama. And this time, it made previous events seem tame in comparision.
Brandi had decided that since ROCKY HORROR was over now that she had no further need for Richard.
She moved out, drained their joint bank account, and to add insult to injury, started "hanging out" with some of his "friends".
Richard had been betrayed by people that he trusted and cared about. He and Brandi eventually divorced.
The whole situation was very messy and the increasing tension divided the remnants of our Tiffany group.
Kurt, Steve and I stuck by Richard. He was our friend. And we hated what some people were doing to him.
I started to see just how fucked-up and cruel people could actually be.
To this day, I have never forgiven some of those people for what they did to Richard.

Saturday May 29, 1983. Memorial Day Weekend. We threw a toga party with Steve, Kurt and David Cruikshank.
Unfortunately, two other "friends / former castmates" decided to crash the party.
it was obvious that they only showed up to mock Richard and throw his situation in his face.
What was really cold-blooded was that they were the very people that caused and had been exacerbating the situation in the first place.
The two "friends / former castmates" started in with various verbal digs and jabs that became more cruel and hurtful as the night went on.
However, what they didn't know was that several of us were already tripping on some really good LSD and having a really fun time.
They would make a snarky remark, and we would just laugh at them. They looked confused by our reactions to their behavior.

But after about an hour of this crap, we had had enough.
One the "friends / former castmates" make another remark, and I replied "OH...THAT'TTHTHTH GREAT!" and I blew a raspberry.
A tiny fleck of my saliva got sprayed on Richard. He started laughing hysterically and screamed, "OH HO-HO...OK...that's it, you motherfucker!".
He hocked up a huge loogie and spit directly in my face.
I began laughing, too, and so I hocked up a huge loogie and spit directly In Richard's face.
And then Richard hocked up another huge loogie and spit directly in my face.
And then I hocked up another huge loogie and spit directly in Richard's face.
This went on for over a minute...Richard and I hocking up loogies, spitting in each others faces, and laughing like madmen the entire time.

The two "friends / former castmates" were genuinely horrified and repulsed by what they were seeing happening with their own eyes.
I looked at the two "friends / former castmates" and screamed at them, "OK...now it's YOUR turn for initiation!"
The two "friends / former castmates" ran out the door with Richard and I in hot pursuit, our faces covered with each others spit.
We kept spitting as we chased them off the property, laughing at them the whole time.
We screamed things like "You guys must be Omegas!...Deltas Rule!...TOGA......TOGA......TOGA...!"

After they ran off, we walked back into the house where we found everyone laughing about what we had just done.
As Richard and I washed our faces, they congratulated us on the extreme measures that we had taken in order to get rid of the two "friends / former castmates".
"A mental mind fuck can be nice!"

True...it was one of the most disgusting things that I have ever done. Word soon spread like wildfire.
But neither Richard or I ever regretted it, or made any apology for it. The ends had justified the means.
These two "friends / former castmates" had only showed up to hurt, insult, and taunt us in the first place.
And we were proud that we caused them to flee in terror without even having to lay a finger on either one of them.
It was worth it. We knew they would never come back.
Over the years, Richard and I always looked back on that night with humor and how "we chased those assholes out of the house for good."

Our "Hollywood Castle" lifted-off in July 1983. And like Brad, Janet, and Dr.Scott, we had all been changed by the experience.
There was nowhere left to play, no one to play with, and for some of us, nowhere to live.
People were spinning off again into different lives, groups, and situations.

Fortunately, Kurt came to the rescue. Richard and I both wound up moving into Kurt's house at 667 Lorraine Boulevard in Mid-Wilshire.
Getty House, the official residence of the Mayor of Los Angeles, was located less than a block away from us.
During that summer, Kurt threw some legendary parties at his house. It was a wild summer.
We spent many a night dropping LSD.
Bands like Nip Drivers, Redd Kross, and Minutemen wound up playing in our back yard.
The LAPD shut us down the night Black Flag showed up to play.

Sunday September 4, 1983. Labor Day Weekend.
All of the tension and negative energy that had been building up since the closing of the Tiffany finally reached crictical mass.
It exploded in a very nasty hatefest/brawl at a party in Westwood. Some other trusted "friends / former castmates" had set us up for an ambush.
We had been invited to the party only to be attacked as soon as we arrived.
Brandi was there. When Richard tried to speak to her, some newbie attacked him. Big mistake.
Richard wound up kicking the guys ass and breaking a couple of the guys ribs.
By the time I got to the scene, the guy was doubled over in pain while Richard stood there in triumph.
Richard said that it was the best fight that he ever had.

As Richard, Kurt, Steve and I were leaving, Brandi approached me, smiled, and said, very sarcastically, "Take care of him."
I looked at her and said, "I will. And thank you for proving me right." She looked a bit confused by what I said.
I quickly added, "I knew what you were all about from the moment I first saw you."
Watching her smile disappear and her face turn white was worth it. She was stunned.
It had been a very long time since someone had told her off to her face, and she was certainly not used to it.
I smiled and walked away, knowing that I would never have to see her again.

Lines had been drawn, blows were thrown, and there was blood.
Some people's lives were ruined. Friendships ended and old friends now became enemies.
It still ranks as the one of the "really big downers"
that I ever experienced during my time in ROCKY HORROR.
A few days later, Richard packed up and moved to Moreno Valley.
It would be almost two years before most of us would see him again.
Our wild summer had come to an end. It was miserable.
The film eventually closed at UA Cinema Center by the end of 1983. The cast, ANOTHER SLICE, moved to the Baronet Theater in Woodland Hills.
They eventually reorganized and evolved in to THE MASTER'S AFFAIR, before eventually moving to the GCC 5 Theater in Sherman Oaks.

On October 31, 1983, the Vista showed
The screening featured a costume contest. Meanwhile across town at the other end of Sunset Blvd., an even bigger event toook place.

I was invited, but I didn't go. ROCKY HORROR was dead, at least for me. It was a confusing and unfriendly time.
Even the mere mention of ROCKY HORROR sometimes brought out hostitly in some people.

After the events of Memorial Day, I simpy did not want to be anywhere near some of the other people that I knew would be there.
So I just stayed home and went to bed early. I was sorry I missed it after I found out that Chelsie had played Columbia.
Those were the last memories that I have of ROCKY HORROR from that time.

The Roxy Theatre
West Hollywood CA
October 31, 1983
From the collection of Chelsie Kraemer

I had enough. I had to leave Los Angeles. In November 1983, I moved to Phoenix. I had a job at The Plaza Club. It was great money.
I discovered ZIGGIE'S MUSIC, a music store just down the street. It became a pivotal place in my life.
I focused on working, saving enough money in order to be able to attend GIT, and learning about guitars.

In September 1984, I moved back to Los Angeles to attend MI.
The Los Altos Hotel & Apartments would be my home for the next couple of years.
While at MI, I met John Baltic, Yves Hausermann, and Marco Jeanrenaud.
We formed HONCHOWONKO. We made our own music and it kept me busy for the next 3 years.
We played music around LA, along with a brief visit to Europe. Billy Zoom produced an EP for us.

In 1985, I bumped in into Steve, and he told me that ROCKY HORROR had just started playing at The Nuart Theater.
He also told me that the cast and crowds at the Nuart were fun and energetic like the Tiffany days.

The next time I went to ROCKY HORROR was when I took Jade Blackmore to the Nuart in December 1985.
She was a Virgin, and she got a real kick out of it. She said, "That Frank N. Furter is pretty cute!"
I remember that the cast was really good, and the crowd was really energetic and into it.
I also met Dennis Miller, who was signing people up for the ROCKY HORROR Official Fan Club.
Sal Piro has said that Dennis has the record for signing people up for the fan club.
It was great to see that ROCKY HORROR had a new, permanent home in Los Angeles.
But, life moved on for me, and ROCKY HORROR was not on my mind for a while.

August 1986, I was evicted from my home of the past two years by "my friend".
It came completely out of the blue and it ruined everything that I had worked for over the last three years.
Three days later, I almost got killed in a car wreck. My life sucked again.

By March 1987, the band had broken up, and I was living at 1764 North Sycamore Avenue in abject poverty.
It wasn't long before I was alone, ass-out, living in my car, and experimenting with a new drug called "crystal".
So much for playing music. I was now living the real rock'n'roll junkie lifestyle.
Other than all of the sex, I have numerous regrets about that particular era.
It was a harrowing and violent time. It had more to do with survival than anything else.
It was not easy. I had to deal with some scary fucking people.
Steve & Kurt were in the neighborhood, and we did our best to survive and stay out of trouble.

In January 1988, Steve & I went to the Nuart just to forget our troubles and keep ourselves sane.
By now, the Nuart was as THE established primary ROCKY HORROR venue for Los Angeles.
"Going to Rocky" was good for me. It made me forget my troubles for a little while.

A few days later, I was bumming on life sitting behind the Pantages Theater in Hollywood.
A white Cadillac pulled up right next to where I was sititng, and there was...Tim Curry.
Tim was starring in stage production of "Me And My Girl".
I said "Hi", and he smiled at me and headed on into the theater.

I found myself in the same spot the next week, once again, a white Cadillac pulled up and there was...Tim Curry.
This time he walked up to me and shook my hand. I could tell that he didn't think that I was a stalker.
I told him how I enjoyed his work, and he invited me to see the show the following evening.
I asked him if it would be all right to bring some thing to autograph, and he said, "It will be my pleasure!"
The next night, I arrived nice and early with my original (#01809 of 2000) copy of "THE ROCKY HORROR SCRAPBOOK".
I went to the box office, and sure enough, I was listed as Tim's guest. Woo-Hoo!
The show was great! "The Lambeth Walk" was ringing in my ears!
Afterwards, I was escorted backstage to Tim's dressing room.
He welcomed me in, and was gracious and just plain wonderful.
I presented my scrapbook to him, and he smiled as he looked at the picture on the cover.
He said, "I'll sign it on the arm." I thanked him, and he smiled. Then I left.
ROCKY HORROR had made me happy even when I was at one of lowest points in my life.

I started working for several LA bands as a tech.
One night, the singer from one of the bands took a liking to me and took me to where she was living...in a loft above the Fox-Venice theater.
We wound up having sex in what used to be the projection room.
I had now had sex in TWO theaters that ROCKY HORROR had played at. I think that might be a record of some kind.
But I was still broke and homeless. So once again, I had to leave Los Angeles.

I wound up going back to Phoenix in April 1988, and I started working at Ziggie's Music repairing guitars.
It was in Phoenix that I got my first bootleg VHS of "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW" with Japanese subtitles.
Out of boredom, I did see the film at the UA Christown Cinema 6. It really sucked...no real cast or costumes.
The entire pre-show was a kid who basically insulted everyone that was in the audience.
No Fun. I walked out. I have always considered that night to be the worst ROCKY HORROR performance I ever attended.
A few months later I went to nearby the University Theater in Tempe.
Tempe was fun...good crowd...worst print of the film I've EVER seen in my life.
And...I got laid! Once again, I was very proud of being a ROCKY HORROR fan!

Later that year, Steve visited me in Phoenix, but ROCKY HORROR had been dropped from the theater the week before.
We thought about going to see it in Tempe, but when I mentioned to him that the theater had the worst,
most-scratched and chopped-up print of the film I've EVER seen, we decided not to go.
So we sat around my place, smoked pot, jammed on guitar, and caught up with each other.
A few months later, I visited LA, and Richard, Kurt, Steve & I went to the Nuart and had a great time.
This was the last time that I remember seeing the edited "US Version" of the film being played on the big screen.
This also marked the first time that I saw SINS O' THE FLESH perform at the Nuart as the official resident performance group.
The Nuart even played the videos for Tim Curry's "Paradise Garage" and "I Do The Rock". It was a great weekend!

Buy my house in Phoenix burned down on July 4,1989. ("Fuck you, Debbie!")
Talk about fireworks! I left Phoenix in August of 1989, in disgrace, heartbroken and and disillusioned.
With nowhere to go, I went back to Hollywood and soon started experimenting with heroin.
That lasted less than three weeks. I wound up in a gutter in Venice, puking my guts out in the pouring rain.
I was certain that I was going to die that night. I realized that I needed to kick it.
And I did kick it with very little difficulty. I was very, very lucky.
I never went back to it. It's still the worst drug that anyone can do. It ruins everything.
It was at this time that I decided to make some serious changes in my life. And I did.
Richard was instrumental in helping me quit heroin. I honestly believe that Richard saved my life.

Richard was now based out of Moreno Vallley. Steve was hanging out there, too.
Richard liked to go to his favorite watering hole, Bull 'N' Mouth. It was located by the University of California-Riverside.
On Halloween 1988, he didn't have a costume to wear for the annual costume contest.
So he pulled out his old Riff-Raff costume. He hadn't worn it since the Tiffany closed more than five years earlier.
On top of that, his hair had grown back, so he pulled out an ancient bald cap he had saved from his "pre-shaved" days.
He wore them to the costume party because that was all he had available that night.
When he arrived at the party, the crowd just wents nuts...they immediately recognized him as Riff-Raff.
"Riff-Raff!...WOW! It's Riff-Raff!... Oh, man...what an awesome costume!", etc.
They had no clue as to his connection to ROCKY HORROR, they just thought it was a great costume.
And just like that, Richard took home First Prize in the costume contest without even trying. He was thrilled.

Moreno Valley CA
From the collection of Richard Gifford

Richard's apartment was located in the Ashwood Apartments at 12325 Graham Street. It became our 90's Castle.
This was right before Moreno Valley exploded in growth and population.
I spent a lot time working and living on the streets of Hollywood, and I would hang at Richard's place on the weekends.
On October 28, 1989, Richard, Steve & I went to a ROCKY HORROR event at the Stardust Ballroom in Hollywood.
It was bullshit. It was not a real ROCKY HORROR event. The disco had used ROCKY HORROR in it's advertising.
The costume contest was so blatantly rigged. We left. But not before I got to make-out with a cute liitle tart.

In 1990, The 15th Anniversary of "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW" was in full swing.
There was an air of freshness and vitality going around that had not been felt in years.
ROCKY HORROR was now considered "retro" and cool again.
A lot of the fans from our age group now had kids of their own, and they were taking them to ROCKY HORROR.
It was a great time. ROCKY HORROR was back. And so was The Spirit. And so were we.
I became an Official Fan Club Representative. I still carry my membership card in my wallet.

I made sure that we had THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW 15th Anniversary Box Set. I still have them on both CD and cassette.
Lisa Kurtz Sutton worked for Ode Records to put together the entire package.
It was great to know that one of the most hardcore Tiffany alumni was involved in producing it.
I even bought the ROCKY HORROR Comic Series from Caliber Comics.
I was even more thrilled when Steve Vai released his album "Passion And Warfare" in July of that year.
The second track on the album was titled "EROTIC NIGHTMARES"!

On November 8, 1990, FOX had released THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW on VHS. It was the first official home video release of the film.
Richard bought one on the first day of release. It cost $89.95 + tax, but one our oldest ROCKY HORROR dreams had come true: To own an actual copy of the film.
Richard put it in the VCR and we started to watch it. I turned the volume up on the amplifier, and the wonderful music started to play through the monitors.
Richard said, "Fuck 'em...crank the volume all the way up!. Let the neighbors know what's good!"
And we did. We celebrated our favorite film once again. We dug out the old costumes, and started making new ones.
Richard started working on a new Frank "Sweet T" costume. We were back.

Moreno Valley CA

From the collection of Richard Gifford

As I mentioned before, some things were lost "in transit".
My original Crim costume was among them. It probably wouldn't have fit anyway.
So I dug out a gray suit that I had, pulled out my beloved ascot out of retirement, and slapped on a cheap wig.
I may have not had the perfect costume, but I certainly had The Spirit.
And, I kept an eye out for a "proper" smoking jacket with the right materials and colors that actually fit me.

Moreno Valley CA
From the collection of Richard Gifford

We went everywhere in Southern California that showed the film.
The Nuart, Montclair, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, San Bernardino, everywhere the film played.
Unfortunately, we did not attend "The Master's Affair" held at 20th Century-Fox on October 20, 1990.
For some reason, we had not heard about it until it was too late. We didn't mind. We were having fun.
But we did go to Bull 'N' Mouth on the UCR campus in Riverside on Halloween.

Bull 'N' Mouth
Riverside CA

We started going to the Nuart for the first of the many memorable nights we've ever had there.
We scared the shit out of some people that night.
Some of the newer fans just were not prepared to see guys older than them in full ROCKY HORROR costumes.
People stopped and stared when we got in line. We still had the "magic touch".
We were also tripping on some really good LSD. ("Don't piss, Troy!...you'll waste your fry!")
Richard went across the street to get something to eat at 7-11, and when he came back to the theater, all I could see was Riff-Raff crossing the street.
Not Richard dressed as Riff-Raff, but RIFF-RAFF.
It wasn't long before we started considering the Nuart as our favorite Rocky theater.

We also went to Montclair. We always had fond memories of Montclair.
EROTIC NIGHTMARES went to see ROCKY HORROR at the Montclair Triplex a few times back in late 1979.
Montclair was the first place Richard won Best Riff-Raff in 1980.
Some of the original Montclair cast members got their start at the UA Cinema 4 Tyler Mall in Riverside.
ROCKY HORROR played at the Montclair Triplex until 1983, when it moved to Montclair Cinemas.
Now, a decade later, Richard debuted his new "Sweet T" outfit. He realized one of his dreams...performing Frank.
The Montclair cast was nice, and we really enjoyed going there.

For Halloween 1991, the City of West Hollywood was hosting an outdoor performance in West Hollywood Park.
SINS O' THE FLESH were the cast scheduled to perform that night.
The city needed people to pass out flyers, so I distributed about 100 of them around town.
While I was out delivering them, I walked into The Spike, the notoriously sleazy gay bar on Santa Monica Boulevard.
There was a flyer near the door for VOYEURISTIC INTENTION doing their show at The Rialto in South Pasadena.
Their show was also scheduled for the same night as the show in West Hollywood. I'm glad I saw that flyer.

On Saturday October 26, 1991, Richard, Kip, Carol & I drove to West Hollywood Park to see the show.
It was pouring torrential rain for the entire 70-mile drive from Moreno Valley to West Hollywood.
Upon our arrival, we learned that the show had been cancelled due to the rain.
I mentioned the flyer for the show at The Rialto, so we drove another 15 miles in the pouring rain from West Hollywood to South Pasadena.
As if by magic, the rain stopped as soon as we arrived at the theater.

The Rialto Theater
1023 Fair Oaks Avenue
South Pasadena, CA

We did our make-up, straightened our costumes, and partied a bit in the paking lot.
There was a decent line going into the theater when were turned the corner.
And then all eyes were on us. Richard was Riff-Raff, I was The Joker, and Kip & Carol were "goth".
Everyone in that line stopped, turned, and stared at us. Every one of them.
We all looked pretty cool. The people seemed to like it, too.

VOYEURISTIC INTENTION was the cast for the Rialto. Ray Thompson played Frank.
They were sponsoring a costume contest. It was great because they were judging 2 catagories, "Rocky" and "non-Rocky".
A lot of people were dressed up that night in a variety of costumes. The audience decided the winners.
Naturally, Richard took First Prize as Riff-Riff. I won best "non-Rocky" for The Joker.
My prize was a First Edition, First Printing copy of Sal Piro's "
Creatures Of The Night: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience".
The legendary Shelley Colleen, who played Magenta at the Rialto, signed it for me on page 101.

We had such a good time, that we decided to go back two weeks later on November 9, 1991.
This time, Richard would wear his new "Sweet T" costume, and I would be the The Criminologist.
Our friend Dan was a Virgin, so we dressed him in Richard's Riff-Raff costume, bald cap and all, for his first show.
When we got to The Rialto, several girls asked him, "Are you one of the guys that were here two weeks ago?".
Dan replied, in all honesty, "Nope. I've never been here before."
We had a lot of fun. One thing was certain, we had not lost our touch!
I got to do The Crim that night. It would the last time that I would perform at ROCKY HORROR for twenty-seven years.

On the night we went to Redondo Beach Cinema 3, Richard wanted to wear his "Sweet T" costume.
Just as we were walking to the car, Richard fell down the full flight of stairs in full Frank drag.
I was mortified that he might have hurt himself, but he all he did was break his heels.
He went back upstairs, and pulled out 2 long industrial screws, and drilled them into the shoes. Good as new!
Sooo...we went to Redondo Beach, and as we were standing in line, a group of fans came up to us and asked,
"Are you those two guys that have been going to all of the theaters? We heard about you!"
Our reputation had preceded us, and we both felt that in itself was worth our efforts.
TONIGHT'S MENU, the Redondo Beach cast, was a fun group, too.

During the 1991 pilot season, my old band mate, John Baltic told me that his cousin had written a new TV pilot.
The show was a sitcom called "Big Deals", was wtitten by Chris Thompson, and it starred Tim Curry.
It was going to be shot at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. I had been working there during that season.
Richard, our friend Larry, and I got there early, so I decided to show them around the lot.
As we went on to the soundstage, Tim was heading out to his trailer. He recognized me and said "Hi."
We then headed back outside to meet with the rest of our party.
After being seated, we discovered that several people from the Nuart had been invited to see the show.
They a great appreciative bunch. We were in good company.
We were seated in the front row, and I had a direct view of Tim on the stage.
The cast came out and took a bow before the show.

"Big Deals" was about two guys trying to make money.
Tim played Christopher Nissell, a divorced father. Corey Parker played his roommate.
Christopher Nissell loses his job, and out of desperation, he trys to get a job at a movie theater.
There was a funny bit where was Tim dressed in an elaborate vintage "Chinese Theater" movie usher's uniform.
He is so embarrassed humiliated by his situation that he mocks seppuku using his usher flashlight as a ceremonial tanto dagger.
Of course, by the end of the show, all is well, and Christopher Nissell gets a new job and a litter of puppies for his son.
After the show, the rest of the audience left, and we remained on the stage and joined the private party.
Tim & I spoke for little while, and I introduced him to Richard. Daryl Lathrop took a photo of us together.

Paramount Studios
Hollywood CA
Photo by Daryl Lathrop

On February 18, 1992, we attended Tim's party at "The Act Of The Poet".
It was a reading at Chateau Marmont for the Poetry Society Of America.
Tim read a few pieces, but his reading of "The Applicant" by Sylvia Plath is what really sticks in my mind.
Afterward, Tim thanked me for coming, shook my hand & smiled.
That was the last time I would see Tim face to face for 18 years.

All good things must come to an end, and this was no different.
Once again, I just couldn't find any work. I did not belong in Moreno Valley, and I was driving Richard nuts.
So in a bold move, I took a chance and moved back to Hollywood to meet my fate.
I moved into Hollywood Billiards at Hollywood & Western just two weeks before the 1992 Los Angeles Riots.
I stood on top of the building and watched the city burning in all directions.
My car got stolen during the riots and I never saw it again.

One of the best things about Hollywood Billiards was that almost everyone there enjoyed Rocky music.
The bad thing about Hollywood Billiards was that it was a violent, drug-feuled environment.
Perfect for a guy who wanted to clean up. I soon got involved with a band called MOMMYGOD.
I bought "A Different Set Of Jaws" one-sheet poster from Hollywood Book & Poster and hung it in my room.
Those crazy rocker chicks really dug ROCKY HORROR, so I got a LOT of "action" at The Billiards.
But as far as actually going to ROCKY HORROR, I was "one from the vaults".
I didn't have the time or the burning desire to go. I was still a little too scary at that time.
I was ready to go to Sal's party celebrating the first commercial TV broadcast of "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW".
But at the last minute, I got involved with a cute, horny tweaker chick. C'est la vie.
I watched the film when FOX broadcast it on TV for the first time on October 25, 1993.

After the 1994 Northridge Earthquake destroyed the Billiards in 1994, I had to find a new place.
As luck would have it, I found a place across the street from our Tiffany-era "Castle".
I had come full circle in a way, and I was proud that I had "come back to the neighborhood".
By the Fall 1994, Richard, Steve & I were hanging out again, but we didn't really go to Rocky.
I was more concerned with working. I started working as a librarian at Book City on Hollywood Boulevard.

While I worked at Book City, I was able to complete my collection of Sal Piro's books.
I acquired a First Edition, First Printing copy of "Creatures Of The Night 2: More Of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience".
Steve got me a copy of "The Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience Par-Tic-I-Pation Guide" at Hollywood Book & Poster.
I was so happy that he got it from the same place where we always used to buy all of our printed ROCKY HORROR materials.

As far as my opinion on the books...I found one factual error in "Part 1" on page 39.
Rick Sloane was never upset because he thought that his films did not get enough attention at the Third Annual Transylvanian Convention in 1981.
He was upset because the hotel claimed that some of the convention-goers had caused $300 in damages to the hotel and Rick got stuck paying for it.
The only other issue that I have with "Part 1" is the choice of pictures that were used for the section on the Tiffany.
The book was published seven years after the Tiffany had closed. 3 of the 4 photos on pages 84 & 85 are listed as being taken in 1979.
However, I know that they were taken in 1982. The photos are, however, an accurate image of who was performing at the Tiffany in 1982.
The "Doo Dah Parade" photo on page 83 was taken in 1989, and the people in the photo had nothing to with the Tiffany.
Jill, Michele, & Chelsie appear on pages 40 & 41! "Part 1" brought back many pleasant memories of that time.
I'm very grateful to Sal for mentioning us. There was still no denying how important the Tiffany was to ROCKY HORROR.
As for "Part 2", I could see that ROCKY HORROR was alive and kicking and had gone world-wide. It was inspiring to see.
There was a whole new generation of fans who obviously loved ROCKY HORROR just as much as my friends and I did.
And as for the "Audience Par-Tic-I-Pation Guide", well...it's a very cool book to have.

On October 20, 1995, Richard, Steve & I attended "The ROCKY HORROR 20th Anniversary Celebration".
We were really excited to go. We had high hopes for the event.
The event was held at The Roxy Theater...right down the street from the Tiffany Theater.
The Roxy is my musical home away from home...I've seen a lot of bands there over the years.
It was great to go there and do ROCKY HORROR for change.
I met a wonderful and diverse group of ROCKY HORROR fans from all over the world.
It was a marvelous, wonderful affair.

October 20-22, 1995
Hollywood CA

The next night was at the Pantages Theater, formerly known as "RKO Pantages Theatre".
The Pantages is not far from my house, so we walked down Hollywood Blvd. in our costumes.
I went dressed as The Joker, complete with green hair.
Steve went as Mr. S.L. Gumby, and he got mobbed by a group of Japanese girls.
Richard went as Riff-Raff. We looked great.
Barry Bostwick, Richard O'Brien, & Patricia Quinn, were there, as were Sal Piro and Dori Hartley.
It was a good turn out of SoCal ROCKY HORROR fans.
Among them were two young talents: Jaimie Froemming from INDECENT EXPOSURE, and Ray Thompson from VOYEURISTIC INTENTION.
Jill McManus, Michelle Morris, Jim Cochrane and Michael Danke from the Tiffany were there.
Kathy Bluman, Laurie Weiland, Steve Zlick, Bonnie Rose, and Mark Williams showed up to represent THE DENTON AFFAIR.

Hollywood CA
October 21, 1995

But unfortunately, even at this wonderful occasion, there was still a bit of bad blood between some of my "friends / former castmates".
Some wounds had not healed even after more than a decade. I was stuck in the middle of it, and like I said before...I can't tell you everything.
But running into the odious Erik Kellstrom was my first real indication that the night was really starting to go bad.
I was well aware of his reputation as one of the most repulsive individuals to ever be a part of the ROCKY HORROR community.
He started following me around. He was malodorous and he had halitosis. He was dirty, sweaty, and slovenly overall.
He had green teeth, and saliva flecked from his mouth as he spoke in some smarmy "ren faire" language.
There was not much coming out of his mouth, other than the saliva.
He was cramping my style...and scaring away the ladies, so I gave him a little dose of verbal Joker venom.
He got the message and finally went away. The last time that I saw him, he was laying on the floor in a corner all by himself.

There were some other very nice people there. But there was also an air of snobbery that I didn't like.
Some people were talking shit about Tim Curry for not being there, as if he owed them something.
That kind of pissed me off since the Pantages where Tim treated me with dignity, courtesy and respect back in 1987.
I figured "Fuck them. Tim has always been nice to me.
And the band they hired to play that night...sucked. I'm not trying to be rude, but I knew that I could make better music.
I mean, they were nice people and all, but once they started to play, it all went downhill from there.
But they gave it their best shot, and that is what really matters.

But not allowing Richard to participte in the sham of a costume contest was the last straw. It was complete and utter bullshit.
Richard was dressed as Frank at the Roxy the night before, and as Riff-Raff at the Pantages.
When they brought all the Riff-Raff's on to the stage, Richard was forbidden from entering the costume contest.
They acttually tried to stop Richard from getting on the stage. We couldn't believe it.
It was a violation of their "previously unmentioned costume contest rules" that you had to dress as the same character on both nights.
And besides, I honestly believe that the winners of the costume contest were secretly chosen in a stairwell at the Roxy the night before.
I know what I saw. It wouldn't matter what the audience decided.

At this point we weren't about to let these young newbies and out-of-towners treat us like shit in our own back yard.
We figured, "Hey...we paid or money, and you're on our turf, so suck one!"
Richard walked up on to the stage anyway, and just stared at the crowd. He looked at them with Riff-Raff's glare of defiance.
Then he looked at the other Riff-Raff's...and then he looked back at the crowd. And as always, the crowd loved him.
He strutted off the stage with a smirk on his face knowing that he was the best Riff-Raff in the house that night.
I started climbing over the seats screaming, "BIG PENIS!!!...BIG PENIS!!!...BIG PENIS!!!"

I left the event early. I had enough of the bullshit. Obviously, some things had not changed at all.
Meeting up with Jill and Michele was the only good thing that happened that night.
Richard & Steve came home later to find me on the floor. The experience was so depressing.
Richard just said, "Ahhh...Troy....everyone still knows how much of an asshole you are." He was right.
But I knew that he was more pissed off at the way were were treated.
He did however, present me with a copy of the new "Sing It!" CD.

But the whole experience simply left me disgusted.
I would not go back to ROCKY HORROR or any related events for nearly 12 years.

I finally kicked drugs once and for all on April 1, 1996. I've been clean and sober since then.
Drugs had ruined my life for nine years. It had done so much damage and robbed me of so many opportunities.
If it wasn't for all the sex that I wound up having, I would have considered the experience a total loss.
The day before, I looked in the mirror and I didn't recognize the hideous creature in the mirror staring back at me.
I came out of the bathroom and said to Steve, "Hey Steve...we're gettin' off the shit."
Steve simply replied, "OK.", and that was it. Neither of us ever tweaked again.
As soon as I declared my sobriety, the first thing I noticed was that the chicks stopped coming over to my house.
I didn't care. Dope had destroyed some of the finest people that I ever knew and it almost destroyed me.
In June 1996 and went back to scraping out an existence as a struggling actor.

The next significant ROCKY HORROR-themed item that I saw was this bit "The Drew Carey Show".
It's "New York And Queens" from the 2nd season. It was filmed on the WB lot in 1997.
I love Drew's comment, "ROCKY HORROR has better music, better dancing. Better everything! "
To this day, Drew's words continue to resonate with me.

In Spring 1998, fortune had smiled upon me, and I took a road trip across the USA for 3 weeks.
I left Steve in charge of the apartment, and I knew that he was happy about having the place to himself for a while.
My journey started at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Vine Street in Hollywood, and I headed East on Interstate 10.
I traveled through the Southwest, Texas, and the Gulf Coast until I got to the Atlantic Ocean in Edgewater, Florida.
From there I headed North up the East Coast all the way to Monmouth County NJ where I had spent 8 years of my youth.
I went to NYC for few days and visited with Jade Blackmore who was working at Mix Magazine In Chelsea.
From there I traveled through the Midwest, Texas, and the Southwest to Phoenix, Arizona where I bought a car.
And out of all that traveling, I knew where I wanted to call home...Hollywood California.
I returned home, bought my first computer, and got a job working at Brentano's in Beverly Hills.

I met Ann Miller at Brentano's in 1998. She was a lot like her character, Coco, from "Mulholland Drive".
She could be really nice, or, she could be volatile. I once saw her go on a tirade about Esther Williams.
I never did ask her if she was aware of that reference to her in the Original Roxy Cast Album.
I soon met Drew Carey when I was working at Brentano's.

I met Richard O'Brien in 1999, and I'm very sorry to say that he was a total dick to me.
We were standing in line at Starbucks in the Beverly Center.
He was practicing "The-Fine-Art-Of-Being-Noticed-Without-Looking-Like-He-Wanted-To-Be-Noticed."
He stared at me as we waited in line for our coffee. I recognized him and said "Hi".
All he did was put both of his hands up to his mouth and say "Oh Dear!...Oh Dear!...Oh Dear!"
I tried to explain that I was big fan and that I was honored to meet him. He was having none of it.
He glowered at me with contempt. His two comrades appeared out of nowhere, and flanked him.
One of them told me, "Contact Sal Piro regarding any kind of ROCKY HORROR fan activities".
Richard O'Brien then stormed off like I had just killed his Mom. Needless to say, I was very disappointed.
I wondered if he treated all of his fans like that. Oh well...That's Hollywood.

Radford Studios
Studio City CA
November 22, 2000

On March 5, 2000, I left Brentano's and went back to acting.
During the season, I was cast in an episode of "Spin City" entitled "Balloons Over Broadway".
I played one of Mayor Randall M. Winston Jr.'s bodyguards. WOW!!!...I got to be in a scene with Barry Bostwick!
ROCKY HORROR was turning up in places where I least expected it. It made me happy.
It brought back positive memories. I had now been a ROCKY HORROR fan for more than half of my life.
I was reminded that I was a part of a very special group of people.

On October 3, 2000, FOX released "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW" in DVD format.
It was the very first DVD that I ever bought even though I didn't have a DVD player.
I even wasn't active in ROCKY HORROR at the time, but I knew that I had to have it for my collection.
I bought my first DVD player the following week.

In 2001, Kurt informed me that the UA Cinema 4 Tyler Mall in Riverside was being closed.
Another important part of my "Rocky" past was gone.
Naturally, I felt sad about it. It was the theater where I first saw "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW".
It was where EROTIC NIGHTMARES did their best stuff, and where we had learned to "tread the boards".
Today, it is a Barnes & Noble, Tyler Mall is "The Galleria At Tyler" with AMC Tyler Galleria 16 as it's theaters.

After 9/11, things changed for me. Production started winding down and security was being increased.
It was hard time for everyone. It became very difficult for me to make ends meet as a struggling actor.
I had to make a change. I was tired of hustling and struggling for low pay at my age.
I accepted a postion with a major motion picture studio and devoted all of my time and effort into my new work for the next couple of years.

In March 2004, I started singing karaoke at The Bigfoot Lodge in order to relax, have a good time, and to keep my voice up.
I started including ROCKY HORROR songs in my repertoire. I was stunned by the positive response I got from the audience.
Drew Carey would show up to sing there, too. Drew's a good singer, and a ROCKY HORROR fan.
I'll never forget the time I sang "The Time Warp" for the first time.
From the stage, I could see Drew in the audience taking "that step to the right".

I started having fond memories of ROCKY HORROR again.
In September 2006, I started writing the story that I hope that you have been reading so far.
At the time, there was almost no information available regarding some of the early history of ROCKY HORROR in Southern California.
I decided to gather as much information as I could and post it all as soon as I could.
I figured I was there, so why not?' And I knew that people would like it.
Within a few weeks, I started hearing from people that I hadn't heard from in years.
It was wonderful to know that we all still had great love for ROCKY HORROR.
We had all returned to Transylvania. And in some ways, it was like we never left.

But I never thought that I would ever go back to ROCKY HORROR.

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