UA Cinema 4 Tyler Mall
Riverside CA
November 1979

I am proud to say that I have been a ROCKY HORROR fan for over 40 years.
I was first exposed to ROCKY HORROR in 1974, but I became a Regular Frankie Fan on February 2, 1979.
One of the most important pieces of music in my life is the soundtrack of "
I have loved the music from the film's soundtrack from the moment I heard it for the first time in July 1978.

This is me singing all of the major character vocal parts from the soundtrack.
This is meant to pay tribute to, and inspire anyone who loves ROCKY HORROR.
It's not for sale or download. It's meant only for your enjoyment, and for some, a trip to Transsexual, Transylvania.

I've been singing all my life.
In March 2004, I started singing at a venue where my friend, Big Mike McKenna had a catalog of all of the songs from the soundtrack.
I decided to try some of them out. I really enjoy singing this music. I was even more surprised by the way audiences reacted to it.
The audience has always given me a positive response. Thank You All!
The engineer had managed to get a couple of songs recorded, and I posted them on my website.
It wasn't long before I decided to integrate every song from the show into my repetoire of popular songs.

I have always wanted to have a recording of me singing the music from ROCKY HORROR.
With some help from from THE STRINGMASTER, we recorded what you are hearing now.
We recorded it quick and dirty, so it's got a few bumps here and there.
I do NOT claim to to able to sing like Susan Sarandon, Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell, or Meat Loaf.
I am particularly proud of Track 13 - "Planet Schmanet, Janet", and Track 14 - "Rose Tint My World"
The majority of this recording was made in Los Angeles during April and May 2007.
Some of these songs were recorded in front of a live audience, and some were not.
It was a lot of fun putting this together. I'm singing with one of my favorite bands.

It wasn't long before I decided to share my experiences with ROCKY HORROR.
My story is Rated R (RESTRICTED). No One Under 17 Admitted Without Parent Or Adult Guardian.
And it is by no means complete. I just keep adding what I remember, when I remember it.
And I want to add that this is my story. We all tell our own stories from our seat in the theater.
Some people might remember things differently, and I can't speak for them or their own personal experiences.
I can't tell you everything. But I will tell you the truth as I remember it.
Some names can't be mentioned to protect The Innocent and The Not-So-Innocent.
You know who you are.

When I started this project, there was little information available about ROCKY HORROR in Southern California during the late 70' and early 80's.
There was the section from Sal Piro's first book, "Creatures Of The Night: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience".
But other than that, there was nothing more than a few old magazine and newspaper articles, and a couple of bootleg news clips.
I thought that it was a shame that our rich and colorful history had pretty much been lost over time. I decided to change that.

In the days since I started this project, a lot of people from "The First Era Of Rocky" have come forward.
All of them have helped provide some of what you are about to experience on this site.
It's wonderful to reminisce, share our memories, and celebrate a very special time and place in the history of the ROCKY HORROR community.
I'm grateful that so many people seem to appreciate what they find here.

I hope you that you do, too.

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