June 1981. I moved into my first Hollywood resdience, Crossroads Of The World.
Crossroads Of The World is located at 6671 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.
Built in 1936 by Robert V. Derrah, Crossroads was one of the first open-aired shopping centers in the United States.
Crossroads Of The World was designated Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #134 on December 4, 1974.
It was also added as a U.S. Historic District in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on September 8, 1980.
It looks like an ocean liner surrounded by a small village of cottage-style bungalows.
Today it's production offices, just as it it was when I landed at the complex in June 1981.
"Crossroads" became one of the great California ROCKY HORROR party locations of all time.

This is the first place that I "lived" in Hollywood, and it was where we had our Transylvanian Party Castle.
And it's the place where I learned a LOT about people, poverty, and "the business".
Other than it being a place to stay in Hollywood, my living situation pretty much sucked.
But it was also here that some wonderful things that happened to me.
I must admit, I did enjoy being recognized from our show even while walking down Sunset Blvd.

6671 Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood CA
Photos by Gary Wayne

I went to "work" for Van Nuys Freight & Supply Co. as a telephone sales boiler room flunky.
We were located in the "Continental Village" section tucked in the back of Crossroads.
Our neighbors in the complex were The Knack, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, and Andrew Gold.
We never really got any work done, and we had some hellacious parties.
The booze flowed, and the joints were always lit. Imagine Delta House on Quaaludes, cocaine, and LSD.

We had two adjoining rooms. The main office, and a larger room with tables and telephones.
The main room was where all the fun usually took place, and the other room was the "Private Area."
We strived at all times to keep it all fun.
Everyone was welcome, although I did have to throw out Buddy Miles.
I don't care if he played with Jimi Hendrix. He was a loud-mouthed douche bag and a bully.

One day, Jim Cochrane told me that Tim Curry was in town, and that he had learned what hotel he was staying in.
On a dare, I called the hotel and left a message for Tim. A few hours later, the phone rang.
Jason answered it and told me to pick up the phone. He had a stunned look on his face.
I picked up the phone and said "Hello". The voice on the other end of the line was...Tim Curry.
I thanked him for returning my call and told him how much I enjoyed his work.
He replied, "Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it."
Our conversation ended a few moments later. I can't even remember the entire conversation.
And the he hung up. I was euphoric.

In July 1981, Rick Sloane produced, wrote, and directed "The Clown Whores Of Hollywood".
We shot most of it outside Crossroads in about 3 hours.
Rick later integrated this into his first feature, "Blood Theater".
Richard & I also appeared in "Invasion Of The Garter Belts", which Rick also wrote and directed.
He would later show these films at his Annual Transylvanian Conventions.





From the collection of Rick Sloane

And of course, there was the music. I really started being serious about playing guitar.
Down the street was the Florentine Gardens, where I saw numerous punk shows.
Most notably, X, The Blasters, Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, Oingo Boingo and Suburban Lawns.
I started spending a lot of time at Club Lingerie and Cathay de Grande, too.

It was at Crossroads that I fell in love for the very first time in my life. I mean really fell in love.
A lovely Magenta had caught my eye and I just could not stop thinking about her.
I was walking air and on Top Of The World. My life was perfect in some ways.

And then it got weird.

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