Troy Martin

It's All About Me.

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona in July of 1960.
I'm on the cusp of Cancer & Leo. I come from a long line of Leos, so I've always been the oddball.
I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers. Ike was President.
We moved around Arizona & California a lot. Some of my earliest memories are being on the road with the rodeo.
I have loved Wallace & Ladmo since I was 5.
I never attend the same school until the 5th grade.
In 1970, my mother took us to Shrewsbury Township, New Jersey where her family lived.
I spent the next 8 years there being a fat ugly teenage weirdo.
I started singing & doing school plays at Monmouth Regional.
"Night Of The Living Dead" scared the shit out of me when I was 12.
I was lucky enough to thank George A. Romero for that pleasure many years later.
I am a rabid Monty Python & Star Trek fan. And I Love The Beatles.
When I was 17, I came back to California and joined the U. S. Marine Corps.
I was a great shot, and I really enjoyed the experience. It taught me a lot.
After my discharge, I went to work fixing pinball machines in Riverside, California.
I felt that I was never going to be happy unless I was performing.
I began a serious study of music and playing the guitar.
I really got into "Rocky Horror" around this time for the chance to perform in front an audience.
I was part of "EROTIC NIGHTMARES", a performance group that started in Riverside and started working the SoCal curcuit until we eventually wound up at the Tiffany Theater in Hollywood.
I lost my virginity during a performance of "Rocky Horror".
I had always loved punk rock since I first heard the Sex Pistols in 1977.
Los Angeles had a very big punk scene at the time, and as you already know,,,it was a really exciting, creative time.
I saw a lot of bands and musicians play. I played a lot, too.

No one had greater impact more than X. Billy Zoom is my favorite guitarist.
Black Flag played in my back yard., followed by Minutemen in the living room.
I took guitar lessons from Steve Vai and the legendary Al Casey.
Phoenix is one of my favorite places, but I don't get a chance to visit much anymore.
I had worked at the Plaza Club, where I got see Gerald R. Ford.
I returned to Hollywood in order to attend Musician's Institute of Technology.
It wa there that I met Yonko, Chichilos, and Speedy. We called ourselves "HONCHOWONKO".
We would rehearse sometimes up to 6 hours a day, every day. We had a lot of fun.
We played around Hollywood at places like the Cathay De Grande, Club 88, The Anti-Club and the Music Machine.
One time we played on Skid Row inside a 30-foot cardboard box. We played in Neuchatel, Switzerland.
My life went to Hell, and I went back to Phoenix in 1987.
My house in Phoenix got burned down by a tweaker on July 4, 1989, so I moved back to Hollywood to meet my fate.
I wound up at the notorious Hollywood Billiards @ Hollywood & Western, where I converted an abandoned men's room into my studio.It was pretty cool. A lot of girls came over to party with me and have sex, which was always fun.

I was having a great time until the Northridge earthquake nearly destroyed the building.
I stayed there for 5 months until I was able to get it together and move into another place.

And Here I Am Now.

Look around. I'm starting to add more all the time.

Stay Tuned...

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